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Jesus in Kashmir The Lost Tomb [Print Replica]
by Suzanne Olsson (Author) 11/04/2015

A Broader View of Jesus Christ
Paperback by John Van Auken (Author) 3/18/2014

Jesus Christ - A Misnomer of Lord Krishna of India
Paperback by Dr. Ravi Prakash Arya (Author) 10/03/2014

Jesus - The Prophet Who Didn't Die : An Islamic and Quranic explanation about Jesus, Mary, and other fundamentals of Christianity
Paperback English By (author) Iqrasense 12/04/2012


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The Master, Known Unto the World as Jesus the Christ; His Life & Teachings
Paperback by John Todd Ferrier (Author) 8/01/2012

The Rozabal Line
Paperback by Ashwin Sanghi (Author) 8/01/2012

The Master, Known Unto the World As Jesus the Christ: His Life & Teachings (Classic Reprint)
Paperback by John Todd Ferrier (Author) 7/08/2012

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ
[Paperback] Levi H. Dowling (Author) 3/2012

When Jesus Lived in India: The Quest for the Aquarian Gospel The Mystery of the Missing Years
Alan Jacobs (Author) 1/2012
This fascinating investigation delves into the controversial question of whether Jesus did, or did not, visit India and Tibet during his 'missing years'. Alan Jacobs presents all the evidence for and against such speculation impartially, so that the reader can form his or her own reasoned judgment on this tantalising theory, which has stimulated filmmakers, authors and scholars of religious history, both in the East and West.

The Life of St. Francis Xavier, of the Society of Jesus, Apostle of India: From the French of Father Dominic Bouhours (Classic Reprint)
[Paperback] Dominique Bouhours (Author) 7/29/2012

Jesus: The Explosive Story of the 30 Lost Years and the Ancient Mystery Religions
Paperback by Tricia McCannon (Author) 3/01/2010

The Masks of Christ: Behind the Lies and Cover-ups About the Life of Jesus (Touchstone Books)
(Paperback) by Lynn Picknett (Author), Clive Prince (Author) 11/08

Jesus Goes to Hollywood: The Alternative Theories About Christ
(Hardcover) by William Bramley (Author) 6/05
You've heard the theories, now here's the evidence! Jesus Goes to Hollywood: The Alternative Theories About Christ is a fascinating and extensively-researched exploration of the many controversial theories that have been expressed about Jesus over the centuries. For the first time ever, these theories and the evidence surrounding them are brought together in a single book that is both scholarly and highly readable. It would take a reader years of digging through hundreds of sources to get the information found in this remarkable one-of-a-kind volume. Jesus Goes to Hollywood is truly a "must read" for any person who wants to discover more about the historical Jesus, his life, and his teachings.

Roza Bal The Tomb of Jesus
(Paperback) by Fida M. Hassnain (Author), Suzanne Olsson (Contributor) 10/04/2008
Explores the bloodline of Jesus and claims of families in Kashmir today that Jesus lived there and bore children.

Jesus in India: King of Wisdom - The Making of the Film and New Findings on Jesus' Lost Years
Paperback by Edward Martin (Author) 12/22/2008
In 2005 Texas author Edward T. Martin and Producer / Director Paul Davids undertook the filming of the motion picture JESUS IN INDIA across 4000 miles of India and in several other countries. They met with the "Pope" of Hinduism, the Shankaracharya of Puri, to pose the question whether Hindus believe Jesus came to India. The answer from the spiritual leader of millions of Hindus -- Jesus spent years in India during the so-called "lost years," both in Puri and Kashmir, learning from Hindus. From there a deeper mystery unfolds. The story of the making of the film on this theme is a harrowing and wonderful adventure of a small film crew from the U.S. and India. Cinema students have never read about a production like this before, and students of religion will find incredibly provocative information unearthed from the search for the presence of Jesus (or "St. Issa") in India. The book also has unique photographs taken by the director during production.

King of Travelers: Jesus' Lost Years in India
Paperback by Edward T. Martin (Author) 9/10/2008
What really happened to Jesus Christ during the mysterious missing 18 years of his life, from the age of 12 to 30, that are not accounted for in the New Testament? Join maverick researcher and explorer Edward T. Martin as he journeys to remote exotic locations in India, Nepal, Afghanistan and elsewhere, unraveling the mysteries of Jesus' Lost Years, attempting to separate myth and legend from fact and evidence. This is the book that inspired the 2008 Paul Davids film distributed by NBC Universal International Television, "JESUS IN INDIA," as seen on the SUNDANCE Channel.

The Rozabal Line
(Paperback) by Shawn Haigins (Author) 9/07
The tomb of Rozabal in Kashmir has contained the body of a great saint called Yuz Asaf since 112 A.D. But who exactly was Yuz Asaf? And what special secret does the ancient tomb contain? Father Vincent Morgan is unwittingly sucked into the Rozabal tornado when flashes of his own previous lifetimes reveal some uncomfortable truths about the life and death of Jesus Christ.

Vincent is soon caught in the crossfire of the battle between the Osama-bin-Laden inspired warriors of Islam, led by Ghalib-bin-Isar, and the fundamentalists of the Crux Decussata Permuta. The secret held securely within Rozabal for two millennia threatens to upset the world's balance of power. Should it ever be allowed to emerge at all? Zipping around the world caught up in a whirlwind of events, people, religion and time, swinging back and forth among bygone eras, the present as well as the future, connecting and often reincarnating events and people, Rozabal keeps everyone guessing.

From Jesus to Muhammad; from the Crusades to 9/11; from the Vatican to the White House; from Skull & Bones to the Illuminati; from Buddhist meditation to past-life regression; from the Virgin birth to nuclear destruction; and from Mary Magdalene to Osama-bin-Laden; The Rozabal Line has it all, and more.

The Jesus Tomb: Is It Fact or Fiction? Scholars Chime In
(Paperback) by Don Sausa (Author), Diego D. Sausa (Foreword), Jeffrey Clark (Editor) 4/07

The Jesus Dynasty: The Hidden History of Jesus, His Royal Family, and the Birth of Christianity
(Paperback) by James D. Tabor (Author) 4/07

The JESUS FAMILY TOMB Controversy: How the Evidence Falls Short
(Paperback) by Dillon Burroughs (Author) 3/07

The Jesus Family Tomb: The Discovery, the Investigation, and the Evidence That Could Change History
(Hardcover) by Simcha Jacobovici (Author), Charles Pellegrino (Author) 2/07

The Jesus Papers: Exposing the Greatest Cover-Up in History (Plus)
(Paperback) by Michael Baigent (Author) 2/07

Was Jesus Crucified?
[Paperback] Ahmed Deedat (Author) 1/2007

The Fifth Gospel: New Evidence from the Tibetan, Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian and Urdu Sources About the Historical Life of Jesus Christ After the Crucifixion
(Paperback) by Fida Hassnain and Dahan Levi (Author)
Blue Dolphin Publishing 10/16/2006

The Bone Box
(Paperback) by Itamar Bernstein (Author) 10/06

Jesus Who?: Myth Vs. Reality in the Search for the Historical Jesus
(Paperback) by James Gardner 5/06

Jesus in Kashmir, The Lost Tomb
(Paperback) by Suzanne Olsson (Author) 10/14/2005
Explores Jesus' survival of crucifixion and his deep family roots in India and Kashmir, his Buddhist lineage, and the quest for the DNA of God from Jesus' actual tomb.

The Empty Tomb: Jesus Beyond The Grave
(Hardcover) by Robert M. Price (Editor), Jeffery Jay Lowder (Editor) 4/05

The Cathars: The Most Successful Heresy of the Middle Ages
(Paperback) by Sean Martin 4/05

In Search of Jesus: Last Starchild of the Old Silk Road
by Suzanna Olsson 10/04

The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ 1890
(Paperback) by Nicolas Notovitch 10/04

Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled
(Paperback) by Acharya S (Author) 10/04

Where Did Jesus Die? [Import]
[Paperback] J. D Shams (Author) 2004

Jesus in India
Paperback by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (Author) 7/01/2003

The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ
(Paperback) by Virchand R. Gandhi (Translator) 2/03

How to Believe in Jesus Despite Christianity
(Paperback) by Ken J Wagner 1/02

Jesus Lived in India: His Unknown Life Before and After the Crucifixion
Paperback by Holger Kersten (Author) 12/31/2001

Saving the Savior : Did Christ Survive the Crucifixion?
by Abubakr Ben Ishmael Salahuddin 6/01

There is no speculation in this book. It reveals actual text--from original-language scripts--that record the sojourn of Jesus Christ all throughout Asia *after* the crucifixion. Original script (such as Sanskrit, Tibetan, Persian) is included in this book, as well as English translations. It shows that Jesus died at age 120, and is buried in the Roza Bal Mausoleum in the Kan Yar district of Srinagar, Kashmir, India, which is visited by people from all over the world to this day.

This book includes the first 1888 correspondence that began Jesus-in-India studies (The Letter of Maulvi Abdullah). This has not appeared in any prior book. The author of Saving the Savior worked hand-in-hand with the great Dr. Fida Hassnain, former Director of Archives, Archaeology, Research and Museums for the state of Kashmir. This book, for the first time, also includes a deep and thorough analysis of the philosophical ramifications of this issue, offering a detailed comparison of Eastern religion and philosophy on the one hand, and Western religion and philosophy on the other. Details

The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold
(Paperback) by Acharya S (Author) 9/99

Jesus in India : A Reexamination of Jesus' Asian Traditions in the Light of Evidence Supporting Reincarnation
by Dr. James W. Deardorff 1/02
With impetus provided by the accumulated historical and textual evidence supporting reincarnation, this book first examines Gospel evidence that Jesus actually taught reincarnation and karma rather than resurrection. Deardorff's compelling analysis bolsters other studies indicating that the concept of resurrection displaced reincarnation in earliest Christianity due to its pre-belief by certain Pharisee converts, and specifies how the Gospels came to reflect this belief. Jesus in India reexamines the evidence that the "lost years" of Jesus' youth were spent in the India. Deardorff's analysis brings out the plausibility of Jesus having gained knowledge about reincarnation and related spiritual matters under certain yogis in India. With the empty tomb on Easter morning not to be explained by resurrection, the book reviews six resuscitation hypotheses and presents a seventh one that withstands previous objections. This well documented research constitutes an important addition to the existing literature on comparative religions and a thought provoking contribution to the on-going debate on the historicity of a wide range of New Testament passages.

Jesus of India
by Maury Lee 10/00
Jesus of India paves a brave new path out of the crucifixion wilderness. Knowing the Gospels well and comparing them with the Hindu and Sufi texts of enlightened masters, the core oneness in Jesus teaching - the non dual message is clear. The great Eastern Gurus readily acknowledge Jesus as one of their own - an enlightened master with a similar understanding. The Christians faith is strong, but it is not the understanding that Jesus taught. Could it be that the "I Am" of the Hebrews, and the "I Am" of the Eastern Gurus is the same spirit? What if Jesus, and not the Buddha, was the greatest non dual teacher the world has ever known? This story will take you there.

Jesus and mastership: The gospel according to Jesus of Nazareth as dictated through James Coyle Morgan
(Paperback) by Jesus Christ 7/95

The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ
by Nicolas Notovitch 4/90 81852
The result of a trip in the 1890's by Nicolas Notovitch, a Russian, to Tibet, where he found an amazing, ancient manuscript in a lamasery.

Our Christ: the Revolt of the Mystical Genius
Constantin Brunner, A.M. Rappaport, Graham Harrison, Michael Wex 12/90

A History of Christianity in Asia : Beginnings to 1500
(2nd Edition) (Vol 1) by Samuel Hugh Moffett 4/98 86420
Thorough and scholarly recounting of a neglected dimension of church history - the story of Christianity in the East, where the gospel of Jesus Christ was "sown by different sowers; ...planted in different soil;...grew with a different flavor;...and gathered by different reapers.

This book covers the history of the Assyrian church and churches further east. It is fairly readable, and tries to fill in the history of the surrounding regions as well.

Jesus Died in Kashmir : Jesus, Moses and the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel !
by Andreas Faber Kaiser 195414 OOP

A Search for the Historical Jesus: From Apocryphal, Buddhist, Islamic and Sanskrit Sources !
by Dr. Fida M. Hassnain 22053 5/94
This intriguing work presents a strong case, using documents Habsnain procured from Tibetan, Indian, Persian, Egyptian, and European sources, which argues that Jesus traveled widely, outlived the Crucifixion, and spent his last days in Ladakh and Kashmir.

The Original Jesus: The Buddhist Sources of Christianity
by Elmar R. Gruber, Holger Kersten 5/96 281653 OOP

Christ in Kashmir (Unknown Binding)
by Aziz Kashmiri (Author) 1988 Roshni Publications; 4th edition

The Jesus Mystery: Of Lost Years and Unknown Travels
by Janet Bock 346083 OOP 12/82

Jesus in Heaven on Earth !
by Al-Hajj Kwaja Nazir Ahmad 3/99
One of the greatest books pertaining to the theory of a possible post-crucifixion life of Jesus Christ. It's a classic. The author claims that he had found Jesus, Moses, and Mary's tombs in Kashmir, and all other discoveries mentioned in this book is based on artefacts, scriptures, inscriptions, and a concise research in Kahsmir, as well as using other reference such as Bible.

Jesus' Tomb in India : The Debate on His Death and Resurrection
by Paul C. Pappas 9/91 Jain Publishing Company

Among the Dervishes : An Account of Travels in Asia and Africa and Four Years Sudying the
by Omar Michael Burke 12/93

The Lost Gospel : The Book of Q & Christian Origins
by Burton L. Mack, Burton L. Mac 5/94

Christianity Before Christ
by John G. Jackson 6/85 335339
Best Unbias Comparative Religious Book

The Mythmaker: Paul and the Invention of Christianity
by Hyam Maccoby 10/89

The Mythmaker
by Hyam Maccoby 10/87 71

The Lost Books of the Bible: Being All the Gospels, Epistles and Other Pieces Now Extant Attributed in the First Four Centuries to Jesus Christ, His
by Bible 44 6/88

The Jesus Mysteries: Was the "Original Jesus" a Pagan God?
by Timothy Freke, Peter Gandy 9/01 51

Who Wrote the New Testament?: The Making of the Christian Myth
by Burton L. MacK 52 9/96

Jesus and the Lost Goddess: The Secret Teachings of the Original Christians
by Timothy Freke, Peter Gandy 56 10/02

The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You To Read
by Tim C. Leedom (Editor) 56 6/95

Forgery in Christianity: A Documented Record of the Foundations of the Christian Religion
by Joseph Wheless 59 3/97

The Myth of the Resurrection and Other Essays (The Freethought Library)
by Joseph McCabe 61 8/93

The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors !
by R.H. Charles, Kersey Graves (Preface), Paul Tice 7/99

Strange Tales About Jesus
by Per Beskow OOP

Jesus and Buddha : The Parallel Sayings
by Marcus Borg(Editor), et al 1/99

King of Travelers
Paperback by Edward T. Martin (Author) 9/15/1999
What really happened to Jesus Christ during the mysterious missing 18 years in his life, from the age of 12 to 30? What truths have been hidden from us and why? Join maverick researcher and explorer Edward T. Martin as he journeys to remote exotic locations in India, Nepal, and elsewhere in Central Asia, unraveling the mysteries of Jesus' lost years. Follow the author on a thrilling journey of spiritual discovery as he travels the world, from Alaska to the Himalayas, in search of lost knowledge, adventure, and much more!

Was Jesus Influenced by Buddhism? : A Comparative Study of the Lives and Thoughts of Gautama and Jesus 2/2000
by Dwight Goddard, Dwight Goddhard, Paul Tice

Why Christianity Must Change or Die : A Bishop Speaks to Believers in Exile
by John Shelby Spong 5/99 2801

Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism : A Bishop Rethinks the Meaning of Scripture
by John Shelby Spong 6/92 9769

Liberating the Gospels : Reading the Bible With Jewish Eyes : Freeing Jesus from 2,000 Years of Misunderstanding
by John Shelby Spong 12/97 19128

Born of a Woman : A Bishop Rethinks the Birth of Jesus
by John Shelby Spong 10/94 21096

Here I Stand : My Struggle for a Christianity of Integrity, Love, and Equality
by John Shelby Spong 2/00 25998

History of Dogma : Jesus, Experienced Birth, old age and Death
by Adolf Harnack 1/00

Searching for Jesus: The Spiritual Journey of Leah Mthembu
by Edna Lochner 1/90 OOP

Dr. Hirt

Jesus In India
Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

In Search of the Loving God : Resolving the Past Traumas of Christianity, and Bringing to Light Its Healing Spirit
by Mark Mason 224154 11/97
This readable, well researched, book examines why Christianity is stagnating when there is such a hunger for the spiritual in our society. It gives the insight into the church needed to overcome the guilt and fear of God Christianity has instilled in us, it shows how to build a personal relationship with the loving God through meditation, and concludes with a simple but effective meditation technique all can use.

The Christian Conspiracy by Joseph P. Macchio Book Online

Who Wrote the New Testament? : The Making of the Christian Myth; Burton L. MacK

Holy Blood, Holy Grail 2/83 2740
by Michael Baigent, Henry Lincoln, Richard Leigh

Resurrection : Myth or Reality? : A Bishop's Search
for the Origins of Christianity
3/95 27759
by John Shelby Spong

The Passover Plot : A New Interpretation of the Life and Death of Jesus by Hugh Schonfield 3/98 21817

The Eighteen Absent Years of Jesus Christ
by Lloyd Kenyon Jones 3/97 869746
The Improbable Journey into Tibet; The Family of Jesus; The Family at Nazareth; Jesus, the Worker in Wood; The Bond of Mother Love; Christ's Power of Healing; The Education of Jesus; The Necessity of Preparedness; To Those Who Follow in the Way He Led; Conclusion.

A Visit to the Land of the Gods: Searching for the Modern Philosopher's Stone, Tracing Jesus' Lost Years in the East, and Exploring the Common Roots of the Jews and the Japanese
by Alex Jack 66 6/99
On a recent journey across Japan, the author meets a series of remarkable personages, including an invincible Aikido Master, a modern sennin (forest sage) who offers him the tea of long life, and an extraordinary housewife who is the manifestation of the Supreme Buddha. "A Visit to the Land of the Gods" probes the origin and use of the pyramids and other ancient energy sources, cultural contact between ancient Israel and Japan, and the deep, underlying currents of history and civilization.

Was Jesus Influenced by Buddhism? : A Comparative Study of the Lives and Thoughts of Gautama and Jesus
by Dwight Goddard 3/2000
A Comparative Study of the Lives and Thoughts of Gautama and

Hidden Stories of the Childhood of Jesus
by Glenn Kimball 53 8/97

Hidden Politics of the Crucifixion (Hidden Treasure Series)
by Glenn Kimball, David Stirland 58 12/98

Jesus in India
by James W. Deardorff 68 1/02

Avatar : Passion Drama about the Unknown Years in the Life of Yeshua of Nazareth
by Roberto Ramos-Perea (Translator), Translation by: Charles Philip Thomas 68 5/99

Deliverance from the Cross
[Paperback] Muhammad Zafrulla Khan (Author)

Was Christ really Crucified? Faris al-Qayrawani

Was Christ crucified? Debate
Josh McDowell and Ahmed Deedat, the president of the Islamic Propagation Centre in Durban, South Africa.   72

Chinese Books

Christ Did Not Perish on the Cross (Kurt Brna)
Christ in Kashmir (Aziz Kashmiri)
Crucifixion by an Eye Witness (Unknown)
Jesus Amongst the Lost Sheep (Aziz Chaudhry)
Jesus Died in Kashmir (Andreas Faber Kaiser)
Jesus in Heaven on Earth (Khwaja Nazir Ahmad)
Jesus in the Valley of Kashmir (Abdul Mannan Khalifa)
Jesus of the Apocalypse (Barbara Thiering)
Jesus the Christ was a Hindu - by Shree G.D. Savarkar
Jesus the Man (Barbara Thiering)
Search for the Historical Jesus (Fida Hussnain)
The Book that Jesus Wrote (Barabara Thiering)
The Jesus Conspiracy (Holger Kersten)
The Lost Years of Jesus (Elizabeth Clare Prophet)
The Passover Plot (Hugh Scofield)
The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ (Nicholas Notovitch)
Tomb of God (Richard Andrews)
Truth About the Crucifixion (The London Mosque)

In The World's Attic : Jesus In Leh (Kashmir)
by Merrick, Henrietta Sands

The Wisdom of Balhuar : Account of Jesus' Death in Kashmir
by David Marshal Lang


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