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Vegan Essentials
Vegan products for cruelty-free living. Everything a vegan needs to live cruelty-free! Vegan shoes, vegan food and sweets, vegan cosmetics, vegan personal care. Go Vegan! 62

Vegan Society Shop 61

Pangea Vegan Products
Vegan Products: Vegan Shoes (non-leather shoes, hemp shoes), No Bull shoes, Vegan Clothing (non-leather belts, non-leather jackets), Vegan Foods (vegan chocolates, vegan donuts, vegan cookies, vegetarian worcestershire sauce, vegan staple foods), Vegan Body Care, Vegan Wallets and Bags, Vegan Cookbooks, Vegan Candles (vegetable candles) Cruelty-Free. 64

Alternative Outfitters
Non-Leather Vegan Shoes, Cruelty-Free Online Store. Online store for fashionable stylish vegan, non-leather shoes, vegan belts, non-leather purses, wallets, accessories, and cruelty-free skin care, and cosmetics for a compassionate lifestyle. Women's Footwear Men's Footwear Handbags Accessories Cosmetics Skin Care Hair Care T-shirts. 64

Bourgeois Boheme
A stunning collection of animal-friendly fashion accessories for both men and women. Gorgeous footwear, bags, wallets, purses, jewellery, scarves, belts and cruelty-free beauty products. Perfect for Vegans and Vegetarians. Think fashion, think stylish, think animal-friendly! 68

Vegetarian Shoes and Bags 63

Vegan Store
The one stop vegan shop. Over 800 Animal and Cruelty Free Products. 65

The Mail Order Catalog
Vegetarian food, vegetarian cooking, vegetarian books and information from The Mail Order Catalog for Healthy Eating. 65

PETA Catalog 65

Food Fight! Vegan Grocery: Portland, Oregon 67

Vegetarian Store
Online distributor of fine Vegetarian & Vegan foods. 67

Veg For Life — A Farm Sanctuary Campaign 68

The Vegetarian Site
Online Vegan Shopping. 68

OTSU Vegan Store
Otsu Vegan Style: Vegan Shoes, Belts, Bags, Accessories and more! 68

Cruelty Free Shopping
Cruelty Free Shop the animal friendly online superstore! Ethical, cruelty free shopping. Animal friendly, ethical, vegan products delivered to your door, straight from the supplier. brought to you by Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research. 71

Animal Aid Online Shop
The Animal Aid cruelty-free shop is packed with animal-free goods for vegans, vegetarians, and everyone who cares about animals. 61

Ethical Wares
Ethical WARES is an ethically-based mail order company run by vegans who seek to trade in a manner which does not exploit animals, humans or the wider environment. Vegan products, cruelty-free lifestyle, vegan shoes, fair-trade products. Fair trade clothing from Natural Nomads, hemp sandals and vegan clogs.



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