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Raising Vegetarian Children : A Guide to Good Health and Family Harmony
by Joanne Stepaniak, Vesanto Melina 46 9/02
Responsible, compassionate guidance and sound nutritional advice for parents of vegetarian kids

"A must-have for anyone who understands that how we feed our children says a lot about who they will become." --John Robbins, author of the bestsellers Diet for a New America and The Food Revolution

"Ultimate guide for fit, healthy families . . . required reading for every parent--whether vegetarian or not!" --Jay Gordon, M.D., FAAP, pediatrician and author of Good Food Today, Great Kids Tomorrow


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New Vegetarian Baby: An Entirely New, Updated Edition of the Classic Guide to Raising Your Baby on the Healthiest Possible Diet
by Sharon K. Yntema, Christine H. Beard 51 10/99
This comprehensive books guides parents who are raising vegetarian children. Especially helpful is the advice for vegans who must be especially conscientious in making sure their children get all the necessary nutrients and calories.

The Teen's Vegetarian Cookbook
by Judy Krizmanic, Matthew Wawiorka (Illustrator) 55 5/99
This book is really really good. The recipes are delicious and it's easy to understand. It also has some useful nutrition information and some other tips. There was a breakfast chapter that I especielly liked cause I think it can be so hard to find something that's quick to make and that is nutritionus in the morning. But here you can find some good recipes. I recommend this to any vegetarian or vegan. The recipes are vegan but can be made with dairy products if you like. This is the best vegetarian cookbook I've ever read. Buy it you won't be sorry =)

A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian
by Judy Krizmanic, Matthew Wawiorka (Illustrator), T. Colin Campbell 56 12/94

Raising Vegan Children in a Non-Vegan World: A Complete Guide for Parents
by Erin Pavlina 57 1/03

Vegetarian Children: A Supportive Guide for Parents
by Sharon Yntema 57 9/95

Cows Are Vegetarians: A Book for Vegetarian Kids
by Ann Bradley, Stephen Kramer (Illustrator), Elise Huffman (Illustrator) 61 12/98

The Race Against Junk Food
by Anthony Buono, Roy Nemerson, Brian Silberman (Editor), Denny Fincke (Illustrator), Robert Orchanian (Editor) 61 12/97

Veggie Kids: Healthy, Tasty Dishes Children Will Love
by Roz Denny 66 6/02

I'm a Vegetarian: Amazing Facts and Ideas for Healthy Vegetarians
by Ellen Schwartz 71 12/02

Cows Are Vegetarians
by Siobhan Parkinson, Siobh n Parkinson 9/02 72


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