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Richard Schwartz

Jewish Vegetarian Cooking: An Irresistible Choice For Those Who Love Good Food
(Paperback) by Rose Friedman (Author) 1/99

Vegetarian Judaism : A Guide for Everyone
by Roberta Kalechofsky 9/98
A timely examination of the problems with meat from a Jewish perspective. Examines the historical Jewish dietary laws, and argues that vegetarianism today best fulfills the requirements of kashrut. Gives reasons for Jewish vegetarianism based on concern for human health, ethical considerations of animal welfare, environmental concerns, concern for poor people, and for the general welfare of the community.


Food for the Gods : Vegetarianism & the World's Religions
by Rynn Berry 5/98
Rynn Berry's Food for the Gods does a remarkable job of tracing the vegetarian link in the major religions of Hindiusm, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam, and Catholicism, but also to the relatively small but intriguing non-violent religions of India's Jainism and the British Order of the Cross. The history of religion will never look the same after reading this book.

The Jewish Vegetarian Year Cookbook
(Paperback) by Roberta Kalechofsky (Author), Rosa Rasiel (Author) 6/97

The Lowfat Jewish Vegetarian Cookbook: Healthy Traditions from Around the World
(Paperback) by Debra Wasserman (Author) 7/95

Vegetarianism and the Jewish Tradition
(Hardcover) by Louis Arthur Berman (Author) 12/81

A SACRED DUTY: Applying Jewish Values To Help Heal The World

Jewish Vegetarian and Ecological Society
The purpose of The Jewish Vegetarian and Ecological Society (JVS) is to promote the practice of vegetarianism within the Judaic tradition, and explore the relationship between Judaism, dietary laws, and vegetarianism. 54

Judaism and Vegetarianism
Judaism vegetarian. Jewish vegetarianism, information on vegetarianism as God's ideal diet, articles, recipes, and ways to get involved. 72

The Schwartz Collection on Judaism, Vegetarianism, and Animal Rights
by Richard Schwartz, Ph.D.

Online community for Jewish vegetarians, animal rights activists, and everyone interested in learning more about the issues. A forum for the exchange of ideas, and also a place to meet other like-minded people from around the world. Current news, articles and essays, find a new recipe, or share your own.

Veggie Jews Discussion Group

Jewish Vegan Blog

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