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The Mahayana Mahaparinirvana Sutra - Last and most impressive teachings of the Buddha about Reality and the True Self
Paperback by Dr Tony Page (Author) , Kosho Yamamoto (Translator) 9/03/2008

Encyclopedia Of Buddhism (Encyclopedia of World Religions)
(Hardcover) by Edward Irons (Author) 8/07


Buddha (Penguin Lives)
by Karen Armstrong 8016 2/01

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Buddhism
by Gary Gach, Michael Wenger 8/01

Dhammapada: The Sayings of the Buddha (Shambhala Pocket Classics)
by Thomas Byrom, Ram Dass 27751 11/93

A Buddhist Bible
by Dwight Goddard (Editor), Robert Aitken 55805 4/94

Teachings of the Buddha
by Jack Kornfield (Editor), Gil Fronsdal (Editor) 78611

The Story of Buddhism: A Concise Guide to Its History & Teachings
by Donald S. Lopez Jr. 95180 6/01

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Buddhist Wisdom
by Gill Farrer-Halls 4/00 155773

Buddhism: The Illustrated Guide
by Kevin Trainor (Editor) 280345 10/01

The Essence of Buddhism: An Introduction to Its Philosophy and Practice (Shambhala Dragon Editions)
by Traleg Kyabgon 356498 5/01



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