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Modern Japanese Swords: The Beginning of the Gendaito era
Paperback by Mr Leon Kapp (Author), Ms Hiroko Kapp (Author), Mr Leo Monson (Author) 7/21/2015

Japanese Swords: Cultural Icons of a Nation; The History, Metallurgy and Iconography of the Samurai Sword
Paperback by Colin M. Roach (Author) 8/19/2014


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The Art of Japanese Sword Polishing
Hardcover by Setsuo Takaiwa (Author), Yoshindo Yoshihara (Author), Leon Kapp (Author), Hiroko Kapp (Author) 510/2013

The Art of the Japanese Sword: As Taught by the Experts
(Paperback) by Kunihira Kawachi 1/07

The Art of Japanese Sword Polishing
(Hardcover) by Setsuo Takaiwa, Yoshindo Yoshihara, Leon Kapp, Hiroko Kapp 4/06

Japanese Sword Fighting: Secrets of the Samurai
(Hardcover) by Masaaki Hatsumi 3/06

Cutting Targets With the Japanese Sword: Practical Tameshigiri and Battodo
(Paperback) by Richard Babin, Bob Elder 11/05

Forza The Samurai Sword Workout: Kick Butt and Get Buff with High-Intensity Sword Fighting Moves
(Paperback) by Ilaria Montagnani, Bill Morris 7/05

The Yasukuni Swords: Rare Weapons of Japan, 1933-1945
(Hardcover) by Tom Kishida, Kenji Mishina 10/04

The Connoisseur's Book of Japanese Swords
by Kokan Nagayama, Kenji Mishina (Translator) 3/98

The Japanese Sword: A Comprehensive Guide
by Kanzan Sato, Joe Earle (Photographer), Kanzan Soto 5/96

Practice Drills for Japanese Swordsmanship: Iaido
by Nicklaus Suino 10/95

Samurai Sword a Handbook
by John M. Yumoto 6/58

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