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NIV Personal Size Giant Print Holy Bible by New International Version (2014, Paperback)

The Qur'an and the Bible : Text and Commentary
Hardback English By (author) Gabriel Said Reynolds , Translated by Ali Quli Qarai 612/2018

The Qur'an - with References to the Bible : A Contemporary Understanding
Paperback English By (author) Safi Kaskas , By (author) David Hungerford 1/01/2016

Bible Myths and their parallels in other religions
(Paperback) by Thomas Doane (Author) 12/08

Holy Bible : From Ancient Eastern Text
by George M. Lamsa 51 5/1985
The Lamsa Bible - Aramaic translation, the earliest known aramaic version.

The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha, Augmented Third Edition, New Revised Standard Version, Indexed
(Hardcover) by Michael D. Coogan (Editor), Marc Z. Brettler (Editor), Carol A. Newsom (Editor), Pheme Perkins (Editor) 4/07

What Jesus Meant
(Paperback) by Garry Wills (Author) 2/07

The Oldest Christian People
(Hardcover) by William, Chauncey Emhardt (Author), George, M. Lamsa (Author) 12/06

Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why
(Hardcover) by Bart D. Ehrman 11/05

Lost Christianities: The Battles for Scripture and the Faiths We Never Knew
(Paperback) by Bart D. Ehrman (Author) 7/05

Lost Scriptures: Books that Did Not Make It into the New Testament
(Paperback) by Bart D. Ehrman (Author) 7/05

The Modern New Testament from the Aramaic: With New Testament Origin, Comparative Bible Verses, & A Compact English-Aramaic Concordance : Deluxe Study Edition
(Hardcover) by George M. Lamsa (Author), Daniel Jon Mahar (Editor) 12/01

New Testament Origin
(Paperback) by George M. Lamsa (Author) 9/00

Bhavishya Purana: The History of the Bible

The Prediction of Jesus Christ in the Bhavishya Purana

The Aramaic Bible Society
is being acclaimed for its content of information on the oldest Christian Bible known to man, the Peshitta, and the theology of the only Bible translator born in the land of Christ with the language of Christ. Aramaic Bible Manuscripts in the Ancient Estrangela Alphabet. Dr. George M. Lamsa. He gave the world the English translation of this Holy Bible and we now have the means of bringing this information to the entire world.

Johannes Greber

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The King of kings' Bible !
The True Bible - New Bible incorporating Old and New Testaments with the Koran Missing books and chapters, including Revelations III, have been reinstated. by JAH Publications This unique Book is dedicated to all "Seekers for Truth" and to future World Peace. That peace can only be brought about by the Enlightening-effect of The Truth, on those who will recognise it, after having diligently sought and found it, and who will then be drawn towards the Light of The Truth, leading to the drawing-together and Uniting of all men of goodwill; through the destruction of the darkness of ignorance caused by people having been taught, and believing, seductively-packaged lies, extensively and widely-promoted; falsely presented as truth, and then learned as such, in error. The King of kings Bible, as its title states, is Christ s own personal Book of Holy Scripture, containing; correctly interpreted for the first time; the Books of The Old Covenant; The New Covenant and The Koran; including the important Books and parts of Books that were wrongfully removed in order to hide The Truth, from the world..."

JAH Publications

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The Holy Bible

Good News Bible : Today's English Version (360N Second Edition)
by 360N Bible 8904 12/93

The HarperCollins Study Bible : New Revised Standard Version With the
Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical Books by Wayne A. Meeks (Editor), Jouette M. Bassler (Editor), Werner E. Lemke 21024 8/97

The Harpercollins Bible Dictionary 7930 10/96
by Paul J. Achtemeier (Editor), Roger S. Boraas (Editor), Michael Fishbane
1,250 pages that describe and explain the people, places, terms, and events of the Bible from Aaron to Zurishaddai, the 16 spectacular maps detail the political entities and boundaries of biblical times, bringing the historic times to vivid life. A fascinating book, an impressive collection of scholarship, and a possession to cherish, the 188 contributors and five

Chinese Bilingual Bible

Oxford Bible Atlas; Herbert Gordon May(Photographer), et al
18150 1/85

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