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Young Jesus lived in India

Jesus of Bethlehem as a Youth in India
- made with Japanese Sumie ink and painted in 1980 by Michael Bowen. The research for the piece was done in India in 1969, 70, and 1980.

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Jesus lived in India

Jesus Lived in India

The Synopsis of the book "Jesus Lived In India" by Holger Kersten was written by Dr Ramesh Manocha & Anna Potts.

Where did Jesus die? PDF
By J. D. Shams
9th edition 2002

Jesus in India

From: Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam
Jesus in India by Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed. "Jesus In India" is an English version of Masih Hindustan Mein, an Urdu treatise written by the Holy Founder of the Ahmadiyya movement in Islam, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908). The main thesis expounded in the treatise is Jesus' escape from an ignominious death on the cross and his subsequent journey to India in search of the lost tribes of Israel, whom he had to gather into his fold as mentioned in the New Testament. Being an account of Jesus' escape from death on the cross and of his journey to India. By Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian
The Founder Of The Ahmadiyya Movement In Islam 1989 Islam International Publication Ltd

Christian authors like Sylvan Levy and sources like the Aquarian Gospel have established that Puri was visited by a Christian Apostle during the times of Jesus Christ. The Christian concepts of love, compassion, charity and fellow-feeling are almost exact reproductions of the value- endowed Vedic paradigms of humanistic tradition that Purusottama Kshetra signified in those remote times.

Bhavishya Purana: The Prediction of Jesus Christ
Jesus Predicted in the Vedic Literature? By Stephen Knapp

Bhavishya Purana: The History of the Bible

The Tomb of Jesus Christ Website Facebook Closed Group 317

Jesus Didn't Really Die on the Cross Proof from the Bible - Videos

Jesus In India Facebook Public Group 125

Jesus In India - The Movie

Christ of Kashmiris Book
by Anand Krishna

Lost Years of Jesus Christ
Ancient scrolls reveal that Jesus spent seventeen years in the Orient. From age thirteen to age twenty-nine, he was both student and teacher. The story of his pilgrimmage from Jerusalem to Benares was recorded by Brahmanistic historians. Today they still know him and love him as St. Issa. Their buddha.

Tomb of Jesus and Post-crucifixion life of Christ:

The Tomb of Jesus Christ
The most complete and powerful website dealing with the issue of the post-crucifixion life of Jesus Christ.
The Church would rather you didn't know about this place. Could Savior Survive crucifixion?

Statement of Mr Abu Bakr Who recently left Ahmadiyya Movement

Jesus Kashmir Tomb
by Suzanne Olsson:

The Tomb of Jesus Christ -

Christian Books

BBC - Religion & Ethics - In the Footsteps of Jesus

Mystery of the Martyr's Tomb: Part One

Mystery of the Martyr's Tomb: Part Two

Mystery of the Martyr's Tomb: Part Three

The Rozabal, by Mary Leue, 1989

A Woman Who Knew Jesus

Jesus of the East
Although Jesus s death on the cross, resurrection and ascension to Heaven are fundamental to the Christian faith, a number of stories persist that He travelled in the East and is buried there. Simon Price reviews the claims for the Saviour s final resting place.

Jesus in India book online
Being an account of Jesus' escape from death on the cross and of his journey to India.
(The Original 1889 Book)

Legends of Jesus
Survival of the Crucifixion: Traditions of Jesus within Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Paganism James W. Deardorff December, 1993; revised March, 1998

Jesus Went To India - Twice

The Lost Years of Jesus: The Life of Saint Issa
Translation by Notovitch

The novel - Jesus of India home page, Jesus travels to India.

The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ Good information on Jesus in India and his unknown life. There are many historical informations that places Jesus in Persia, India, Nepal and Tibet. Enlightened Masters Of India, Fabio's Home Page

Golgotha to Rozabal
Musical symphonic poem dedicated to Jesus' escape from death on the cross. (A Symphonic Poem, by
Philip Goddard (Composer, Writer, Mystic)

Jesus in Kashmir: The Lost Tomb
Paperback by Suzanne Olsson (Author) 10/14/2005

Visiting the Grave of Jesus in Srinagar, Kashmir By Stephen Knapp

Jesus Christ lived in India before and after his " Gospel Years". He was King of Kashmir from AD 59-89 as Pravarasena 1. Son' of an Elohim God. His descendents were also kings of Kashmir. Documentation from Kahlana and pictures. New Bible codes support claim. Robert Holt, MD is presenter of information.

Did Jesus Survive the Crucifixion?
Did he live in India to the age of 100?

An extract from Ch. 4 of In Search of the Loving God by Mark Mason.

Resolving Christianity's traumas & bringing to light its healing spirit.
Why is Christianity stagnating when there is such a hunger for spirituality in our society?

Did Jesus die in Kashmir? By Abu Abraham
"Those who say that the Lord died first and then rose up are in error, for he rose up first and then died." Gospel of Philip


The Christ of India
Swami Nirmalananda Giri

The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple

The Jesus Seminar Academic, textual search for historical Jesus.

Hermes Atar Trismegistus Website devoted to Jesus in India. Dedicated to Is-rael Prophet(s) and Saint(s) - Jesus Messiah, Isha Masih, Issa Mashiha, Hazrat Issa, Yuzu Asaph, Yezu, Esus, Jesus Christ.

La Vida Secreta de Jesus (The Secret Life of Jesus)
Spanish website devoted to Jesus in India.

Dr. Thomas Sheehan Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Stanford University.

The Gospel of Thomas Collection -- The Gnostic Society Library

The Crucifixion of Jesus in View of Muslim Theology
by Dr. Christine Schirrmacher 1997

Is Jesus(pbuh) dead or alive? Convincing proof from Holy Quran. A discussion of death of Jesus from Islamic and Quranic view point. Proves Jesus is Dead, but not on the cross. By Nadeem Quraishi.

Qur'an does not categorically say Jesus was substituted with another man Rev. on Oct 31, 99 (Anti-Substitution Theory) by Akbarally Meherally

Biblical Studies: International Scholars Publications online catalogue of academic & scholarly books, textbooks, reference books, monographs, & dissertations in the humanities & social sciences.

Tree of Life Publications
Books and tapes that heal and inspire.

Hidden Meanings Hidden Meanings explores the origin of ancient writings and compares them to contemporary astronomical and anatomical findings.

The Crucifixion Myth Crucifixion, Kundalini, Supernova 1987A

The Astrological Foundation Of The Christ Myth, Book Two

The Islamic Comparative Analysis Site on Islam and Christianity

Sheikh Ahmed Deedat's literature

The Lost Tomb of Jesus: Discovery Channel
In the feature documentary THE LOST TOMB OF JESUS a case is made that the 2,000-year-old Tomb of the Ten Ossuaries belonged to the family of Jesus of Nazareth.

Lord's Prayer in Aramaic
The Language Jesus and His Followers Spoke - Aramaic.

Jesus Christ: Was The Savior Buried In Kashmir, India?

Jesus in Kashmir: A Documentary by the Government of India

Rozabal – The Tomb of Jesus Christ in Kashmir

Tourists Flock to Tomb of Jesus in Kashmir

The Prediction of Jesus Christ in the Bhavishya Purana

Jesus In India / Did Jesus Die - BBC - 4 Documentary
"Did Jesus Die" is a high quality documentary containing excellent footage as well as detailed scholarship. The film dedicates about 30% of it's time talking about Jesus surviving the Crucifixion and also the theory of Jesus having travelled to India.



Jesus In Japan

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