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Christian Reincarnation at ebay

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Reincarnation and The Law Of Karma : A Study Of The Old-New World-Doctrine Of Rebirth, and Spiritual Cause And Effect
Paperback English By (author) William Walker Atkinson 3/09/2021
William Walker Atkinson was an American pioneer of the New Thought movement. In this work, he makes us discover the phenomena of reincarnation and metempsychosis in all their dimensions (historical, religious, scientific...). By revealing to us the transmigration of souls, he makes us aware that we are not just simple humans passing through this world. Thus by offering us the knowledge of our physical, astral and spiritual evolution, he gives us the possibility to understand the true meaning of our presence here on earth.


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The Case for Reincarnation: Your Path to Perfection
Paperback by Brian Foster (Author) 6/03/2015

May a Christian Believe in Reincarnation?
Paperback by Abbot George Burke (Swami Nirmalananda Giri) (Author) 10/17/2014

Reincarnation for Christians: Evidence from Early Christian and Jewish Mystical Traditions
Paperback by John W. Sweeley Th.D. (Author) 2/18/2013

The Christian and Reincarnation
Paperback by Stephen Lampe (Author) 4/23/2009

Reincarnation Beliefs of North American Indians: Soul Journey, Metamorphosis, and Near Death Experience
Paperback by Warren Jefferson (Author) 3/25/2009

Reincarnation: A Christian Doctrine
(Paperback) by Annie Besant 5/05/2006 Kessinger Publishing, LLC

Born Again: Reincarnation Cases Involving International Celebrities, India's Political Legends and Film Stars
(Paperback) by MD Walter Semkiw 7/06

Mystery Of Reincarnation: The Evidence & Analysis of Rebirth
(Paperback) by J. Allan Danelek 5/05

Born Again, and Again, and Again: A Bible-Based View of Reincarnation
(Paperback) by Jim Reid 10/03

The Origin And History of Reincarnation 1930
(Paperback) by S. George 10/04

Reincarnation A Study of Forgotten Truth
(Paperback) by Edward D. Walker 2/03

Reincarnation: A Critical Examination
(Paperback) by Paul Edwards 12/01

Physics of the Soul: The Quantum Book of Living, Dying, Reincarnation and Immortality
(Paperback) by Amit Goswami 9/01

Jewish Tales of Reincarnation
Hardcover by Yonasson Gershom (Author) 1/31/2000

Reincarnation and Judaism: The Journey of the Soul
Hardcover by DovBer Pinson (Author) 11/30/1999

Reincarnation : The Missing Link in Christianity
by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Erin L. Prophet (Contributor) 57325 3/97

"This is an extremely important book, a book providing profound insight and truth, a book which will open minds and remove fears."
--BRIAN L. WEISS, M.D., author of "Many Lives, Many Masters"

"Interesting and accessible, this book on reincarnation is an imaginative and provocative study of one way of looking at being 'born again.' Elizabeth Clare Prophet's assertion that not only mystical Gnostics but also a Jewish wisdom teacher like Jesus taught reincarnation is sure to rattle your karmic chain."--MARVIN MEYER,
author of "The Gospel of Thomas: The Hidden Sayings of Jesus"

Throughout the ages Christians have sought to bring the doctrinal stepchild of reincarnation into the mainstream of accepted belief. This massively documented work is a readable and highly sympathetic account of those men and women of good faith who have sensed that the Christian soul is on a millennial journey toward divine union."--QUINCY HOWE,
Ph.D., author of "Reincarnation for the Christian"

A long time ago Christians believed in reincarnation. This groundbreaking work makes the case that Jesus taught reincarnation. Elizabeth Clare Prophet traces the history of reincarnation in Christianity - from Jesus to early Christians through Church councils and the persecution of so-called heretics. Using the latest scholarship and evidence from the Dead Sea Scrolls and Gnostic texts, she also argues
persuasively that Jesus was a mystic who taught that our destiny is to unite with the God within. Your view of Jesus - and of Christianity - will never be the same.

Preface and Chapter One
Part 1: What Reincarnation Means to Christians

CHAPTER 1 A Martyr for Infinite Worlds
CHAPTER 2 Unanswered Questions
CHAPTER 3 Why They Believe
CHAPTER 4 Gods in Ruins

Part 2: Reincarnation in Jesus' World

CHAPTER 5 Reincarnation in Judaism
CHAPTER 6 Becoming God
CHAPTER 7 Moses Meets Plato
CHAPTER 8 Route into Palestine
CHAPTER 9 Jesus' Teaching on Reincarnation
CHAPTER 10 Karma Implies Reincarnation

Part 3: Early Christians and Reincarnation

CHAPTER 11 Sifting the New Testament
CHAPTER 12 What is Gnosticism?
CHAPTER 13 Seeking the "Things That Exist"
CHAPTER 14 Does Resurrection Rule Out Reincarnation?
CHAPTER 15 A Spiritual Resurrection
CHAPTER 16 The Different Fates of Twins

Part 4: The Church Rejects Reincarnation

CHAPTER 17 The Mystery of God in Man
CHAPTER 18 God in Man's Image
CHAPTER 19 The Stream Goes Underground
CHAPTER 20 A New Explanation for Human Misery
CHAPTER 21 Smoke Rises from Montsegur

Part 5: Jesus' Secret Teachings on the God Within

CHAPTER 22 Your Divine Image
CHAPTER 23 The Original Christian Mystic
CHAPTER 24 Where is the Kingdom
CHAPTER 25 Breaking the Chain of Rebirth
Chronological Guide to People, Events, and Ideas

Reincarnation in Christianity : A New Vision of the Role of Rebirth in Christian Thought (Quest Books)
by Geddes MacGregor - a prominent Christian theologian 4/89
Anyone who thinks of himself or herself as 'Christian' by orientation but who finds popular ideas of Heaven and hell untenable is likely to welcome this book, written by an Anglican (Episcopal) priest. Fr. MacGregor explains that the concept of reincarnation has a long and distinguished tradition in Christendom and that it remains a highly respectable (and totally logical) way of explaining the obvious inequities of this world, while allowing us to escape from the absurdity of supposing that human beings come only once to earth. This book will be liberating for those who, while attracted to Christianity in an overall sense, nevertheless balk at the simplistic 'Christian' notion that we go (finally) either to Heaven or to hell when we die, without opportunity for further growth.

Reincarnation for the Christian (Quest Books)
by Quincy Howe, Jr. Quincy Howe 9/87
Professor of Religions examines Christian theology for compatibility with belief in reincarnation, looks at biblical reference to reincarnation, and explores theories that Church edited reincarnation out of Bible. This is a great book, that is easy to read and gives a good introduction to the teaching of reincarnatoin in Christianity. Such a topic is not easy to address, especially when we have to take into account that Origen had many levels of teachings. He kept reincarnation for those who had already understood the basic teachings of Christ, thus, some people, like one of the other reviews, might be confused when they come across seemingly contradictory writings in the works of the great Early Church Father, Origen.

Mystery Of Reincarnation: The Evidence & Analysis Of Rebirth
by J. Allan Danelek 5/05

Reincarnation and Karma: How They Really Affect Us : The Eastern Explanation of Our Past and Future Lives and Good or Bad Experiences
by Stephen Knapp 2/05 Reincarnation in Christianity

Life After Death : A History of the Afterlife in Western Religion
by Alan F. Segal 7/04

The Soul's Long Journey: How the Bible Reveals Reincarnation (Smith, Edward Reaugh, Rudolf Steiner, Anthroposophy and the Holy Scriptures. Terms and Phrases, V. 3,)
by Edward Reaugh Smith 11/03

Return of the Revolutionaries: The Case for Reincarnation and Soul Groups Reunited
by Walter Semkiw 5/03

Reincarnation and Christianity
by Clergymen of the Church of England 3/03

Jesus and Reincarnation
by Jaded Ben Murshed 1/03

Life After Death: A Study of the Afterlife in World Religions
by Farnaz Masumian 9/02

A Western Approach to Reincarnation and Karma: Selected Lectures and Writings (Vista Series) (Vista Series)
by Rudolf Steiner, Rene M. Querido, Rene Querido (Editor) 1/97

Why Jesus Taught Reincarnation: A Better News Gospel
by Herbert Bruce Puryear, Pat Merrill (Editor) 62 4/93

Death and Afterlife: Perspectives of World Religions
by Hiroshi Obayashi

They Knew Jesus: A Spiritual Quest Through Past Life Regression
by Joe Steiner 71 5/00

Jesus in India: A Reexamination of Jesus' Asian Traditions in the Light of Evidence Supporting Reincarnation
by James W. Deardorff 72 2/95

Many Mansions: The Edgar Cayce Story on Reincarnation
by Gina Cerminara, Hugh Lynn Cayce (Introduction) 53 5/90
Detailing the great contributions of psychic Edgar Cayce, Dr. Gina Cerminara examines how Cayce penetrated the "previous lives" of his subjects, and performed fantastic cures and prophecies that made him the most remarkable clairvoyent in modern history. Connecting issues such as reincarnation, spiritual healing, past life regression, hypnosis, karma, and parapsychology, Many Mansions looks at the legacy of Edgar Cayce's work in an authoritative and engaging dialogue.

Ultimate Journey: Death and Dying in the World's Major Religions
Hardcover by Steven J. Rosen (Editor) 10/30/2008

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying: The Spiritual Classic & International Bestseller
Paperback by Sogyal Rinpoche (Author), Patrick Gaffney (Editor), Andrew Harvey (Editor) 6/26/2012

The Tibetan Book of the Dead: The Great Book of Natural Liberation Through Understanding in the Between
Paperback by Padma Sambhava (Compiler), Robert Thurman (Translator) 12/01/1993

Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect
by Ian Stevenson 7417 5/97

Does the Soul Survive? : A Jewish Journey to Belief in Afterlife, Past Lives & Living With Purpose
by Elie Kaplan Spitz, Brian L. Weiss 9/00 8927
The author combines journalistic reporting, scholarly biblical reading, and the probing self-examination of memoir in service of recounting his journey from skepticism to belief regarding life after death.
Traditional Jewish views of the afterlife and fearlessly explores the many challenges to those views arising in parapsychology - including near-death experiences, reincarnation, and spirit mediums.

The Dark Side of Christian History by Helen Ellerbe 17422 7/95
the Church's desire to control and contain spiritually motivated its persecution of heretics, its burning of libraries, the Crusades, the Inquisition, and the witch-hunts.

Lifecycles : Reincarnation and the Web of Life
by Christopher M. Bache 25158 7/94

The Autobiography: of Jesus of Nazareth and the Missing Years
by Richard G. Patton 27681 11/97

They Walked With Jesus : Past Life Experience With Christ
by Dolores Cannon 69711 5/94

Why Jesus Taught Reincarnation : A Better News Gospel
by Herbert Puryear 216242 4/93

The Reincarnation Controversy : Uncovering the Truth in the World Religions 338364 10/97
by Steven J. Rosen

Reincarnation In Modern Life; Towards A New Christian Awareness : Six Lectures Given in Rome, 22-25 April 1994 by Pietro Archiati

Returnings : Life After Death Experiences : A Christian View
by John R. Aurelio 510920 3/97

New Revelation by Arthur Conan, Sir Doyle 597870 8/83
The Search, The Revelation, The Coming Life, Problems and Limitations, The Next Phase of Life, Automatic Writing, The Cheriton Dugout.

Jesus in India : A Reexamination of Jesus' Asian Traditions in the Light of Evidence Supporting Reincarnation
by James W. Deardorff 1/95

Reincarnation by F. Homer Curtiss M.D.
The Doctrine, Why and How, In the New Testament, Objections Answered, Scientific Evidence and Physical Proof. 1456962 12/93

Life After Life: The Theory of Reincarnation by Eustace Miles 8/83
Have We Live Before? Questions Often Asked, Does Not Oppose Christianity, Great Men Who Have Believed, etc.,

Reincarnation by George B. Brownell 6/81
He Knew Who He Was, Memories of Past Lives, A Remarkable Proof, Lived Many lives, An Arabian Incarnation, Dreamed of Past Life, Great Minds and Reincarnation, The Bible and Reincarnation, Karma, Atlantis Reborn, Thought is Destiny, The Celestial Body, The Hereafter, Etc.

Reincarnation by Katherine Tingley 9/81
What Reincarnation Is, Arguments for Reincarnation, Supposed Objections to Reincarnation, Reincarnation and Heredity, Reincarnation in Antiquity,
Reincarnation the Master-Key to Modern Problems, Reincarnation In Modern Literature.

Reincarnation: The Ring of Return
by Eva Martin 9/81
Pre-Christian Era, Early Christian and Other Writings of the First Five Centuries A.D., Miscellaneous Sources Before A.D. 1700, A.D. 1700- 1900, The Twentieth Century. In this book, Miss Eva Martin has brought together a most complete and scholarly collection of references to past, present, and future life.

Reincarnation and Christianity
by Robert A. Morey 10/80

Journey of Souls : Case Studies of Life Between Lives
by Michael Duff Newton 2994 7/94

The best book I've read on the after life - from a reader

Life Between Life
by Joel L. Whitton, Joe Fisher 6066 7/95

Children's Past Lives : How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child
by Carol Bowman 2/98 6254

It makes sense that children are likely to remember past lives as their open minds allow them to experience a trance state that adults have to practice to achieve, and maybe more children relive their former lives than we think. Carol Bowman gives us a guide for recognizing and handling such episodes. She writes not just as a researcher, but as a mother who has seen her own children go through the experience.

Return from Heaven : Beloved Relatives Reincarnated Within Your Family
by Carol Bowman 4/01 8801

You Have Been Here Before : A Psychologist Looks at Past Lives
by Edith, Dr. Fiore 12427 4/91

Across Time and Death : A Mother's Search for Her Past Life Children
by Jenny Cockell 27199 6/94

Jewish Tales of Reincarnation
by Rabbi Yonassan Gershom 1/00 79011
Jewish teaching stories about reincarnation. Rabbi Gershom presents a broad and detailed survey of stories and assertions about reinicarnation from many of the most highly respected religious authorities, generally Hasidic, in Jewish history. Gershom presents the accounts in a clear, gentle, respectful, and generous writing style. He expects no wide-eyed gullibility from the reader, and clearly he is not preaching about reincarnation, either to the choir or the skeptics. This is a serious work, and a real contribution from a special rabbi who is emerging as a scholar and a leader in religious renewal, firmly set in Judaism but with real and deep contact with the best in other religious streams.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Reincarnation
by David Hammerman, Lisa Leonard, Lisa Lenard, Carol Bowman 301083 2/00


Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation 52335 3/98
by Noel Langley, Noel Lanfley, Charles Thomas Cayce

Edgar Cayce's Story of Karma 88623 7/94
by Mary Ann Woodward (Editor), Edgar Evans Cayce

World renowned prophet and psychic Edgar Cayce gave a series of clairvoyant trance readings revolving around the central theme of reincarnation. Although Cayce was a practicing Christian, his trance readings frequently embraced concepts of Oriental religions. From these discourses comes this explanation of the powerful life forces generated by personal actions which can bless or plague us through many lifetimes.

Old Souls: The Scientific Evidence for Past Lives
by Tom Shroder 8/99 26932

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, you can't help but appreciate Mr. Shroder's disciplined, scrupulously fair, and soul-searching explication.

Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation
by Ian Stevenson 10/80 33073

Reading his methodolgy, he has actually gone about the research as any skeptic would. He has not believed the case story and then looked for evidence that would support such a case story, he has looked for the evidence any skeptic would. The presentation of evidence gathered is fantastic showing the corroboration of each evidence. The best thing I liked about his research was that he actually attempts to rule out any fraud in each case story. Unbiased and honest. The use of the word "suggestive" speaks for his style used in the book throughout. He does not attempt to force any philosophical, religious thought down the reader's throat. You are free to make your own conclusions and it is darn right convincing.

Stevenson's research is very thorough, and this is a dense volume that can be a little dry to read. Each of the 20 cases is presented in sufficient detail to be compelling. It's not something you'll polish off in a couple of evenings, but you'll know you're in the presence of an honest-to-god researcher.

Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect
by Ian Stevenson 5/97

Children who claim to remember a previous life have been found in many parts of the world, particularly in the Buddhist and Hindu countries of South Asia, among the Shiite peoples of Lebanon and Turkey, the tribes of West Africa, and the American northwest. Stevenson has collected over 2,600 reported cases of past-life memories of which 65 detailed reports have been published. Specific information from the children's memories has been collected and matched with the data of their former identity, family, residence, and manner of death. Birthmarks or other physiological manifestations have been found to relate to experiences of the remembered past life, particularly violent death. Writing as a specialist in psychiatry and as a world-renowned scientific investigator of reported paranormal events, Stevenson asks us to suspend our Western tendencies to disbelieve in "reincarnation" and consider the reality of the burgeoning record of cases now available.

This book summarizes Stevenson's findings which are presented in full in the multi-volume work entitled. Reincarnation and Biology: A Contribution to the Etiology of Birthmarks and Birth Defects.

Children Who Remember Previous Lives : A Question of Reincarnation
by Ian Stevenson 10/00 281317

Reincarnation and Biology: A Contribution to the Etiology of Birthmarks and Birth Defects, Vol. 1
by Ian Stevenson 4/97

Reincarnation and Biology : A Contribution to the Etiology of Birthmarks and Birth Defects : Birth Defects and Other Anomalies, Vol. 2
by Ian Stevenson 4/97


Reincarnation In Christianity

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