Bible Codes - The Bible Code Revelations - Bible Code 2

Bible Code II: The Countdown
by Michael Drosnin 51 12/02

by Michael Drosnin (Author) 51 4/98

Cracking the Bible Code
by Jeffrey Satinover Md (Author) 52 6/98


Breaking the Code: Understanding the Book of Revelation: Leader's Guide
by Bruce Manning Metzger 53 12/99

Cracking Old Testament Codes: A Guide to Interpreting Old Testament Literary Forms
by D. Brent Sandy (Editor), Ronald L. Giese (Editor) 61 8/95

The Nostradamus Bible Code
by John Michael Pocock 68 6/02

Secrets of the Bible Code Revealed - DVD 51 9/99

Secrets of the Bible Code Revealed - VHS 52 9/99


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