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Jesus in the Vedas BY: SWAMI B.V. GIRI 1/20/2006

The Crucifixion of Jesus by Palden Jenkins 7/10/00 Added

Krishna and Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ - interdisciplinary studies
-- Bhakti Anand Gosvami (aka Devadeva das) a profound religious scholar fluent in ancient Greek, Latin and even Egyptian Hieroglyphics. His research indicates a similar but even deeper understanding: that Lord Jesus Christ is an expansion or incarnation of Baladeva, the Supreme Personality of Servitor Godhead. Download PDF File

The Writings of Vasu S. Murti
Human Rights - Social Justice - Animal Rights - Peace - Love - Compassion - Kindness - Gentleness - Religion - Soul - Spirit - Knowledge - Wisdom - Politics - Science - Environment - Vegan - Vegetarian - God - Humans - Animals. Striving to make the world a better and more peaceable place to live

Hare Jesus: Christianity's Hindu Heritage
by Stephen Van Eck, Route One, Box 62, Rushville, PA 18839

The Christian Conspiracy Site Down*/
e-book. More than 10 years of extensive research by Joseph P. Macchio.
The Orthodox Suppression of Original Christianity.

Origins of Christianity
This web site has extracts from the book The Origins of Christianity & the Bible by Andrew D. Benson.

The True Origins of Christianity and the Bible
by Andrew D. Benson. The Evolution of the Christian Doctrines from Abraham (1900 BCE) to the Council of Constantinople (381 CE). Everything you wanted to know about Christianity but were not told. How The New Testament Was Copied and Edited?

Nazirene Home Page
Nazirene means "The Keeper of The Way" If man is to fulfill the word of God, and return as the prodigal sons to the Kingdom, then the teachings of the New Covenant must be restored to their original pure and spiritual state. Because the gospel message has become corrupted, Jesus sent one of his disciples who physically walked with him on the shores of Galilee, across the spectrum of time into the present. This was done in order to make known the teachings of The Way in their original condition. The Kingdom of Heaven cannot be entered merely because one dies -- but rather, must be accomplished while still alive in physical form by opening the strait gate within the Anointed Mind, and entering the Temple of the Soul. The teachings of The Way is the means to bring this about.

Christ Christian Fellowship
Paul's writings are not the teachings of Jesus. Christ's death was not a sacrificial requirement. These statements are not typically expressed in the various Christian denominations. Our realizing of these different views comes from a Spirit-led study of the teachings of Christ in the four gospels. Pauline Christianity places emphasis on the views of Paul as expressed through his letters. We take a back-to-basics approach to clarify conflicts that confuse us by believing the words spoken by Jesus.

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