Brief Summary of Supreme Master Ching Hai

An impersonalist. Her teaching about God is impersonal.
She teaches we are God.
Everyone is God and can become God / Buddha ( this is her contradiction ).

She does not admit her true spiritual masters / gurus.
She never identify her Surat Shabd Yoga tradition / background.
She changed it to a new name "Quan Yin Method".

Both Eckankar and Ching Hai comes from the same source in India - from the Sant traditions in India, some of whom are closer to the Sikh tradition and some to Hindu.
Her guru lineage  2
Sant Mat - Surat Shabd Yoga - Contemporary Guru Lines & Branches

She did not credit the source of her method and give her true Guru due respect. By denying the Guru, she cuts of her lineage and the blessings and authority of the lineage. It is extremely important to respect and give honour to one's own guru. She rejected her real gurus and made up a false story for an unidentified guru.

She made many claims that are not true, too much self-promotion, expert in pretending to be humble. Pride. Promote personal worship. Implies consent that she is God / buddha / Jesus because she did not correct her followers when they say so.

The name of "Supreme Master" and her Chinese name means nothing greater than her, including God. Full of secrecy about their practice. The meditation is closed to public, even the family members. They use blanket to cover the head and body during meditation, claims to protect their secret, in fact not a secret meditation method at all. Her interpretation of other religion scriptures is full of her own idea and very confusing.

All good religions or spiritual groups do not hide anything. The word "secret" is just for cheating others. You should not fear that you will receive bad karma or punishment for disclosing somethings. The problem is that many people are willing to be cheated this way.

Her followers believe she has light, divine transmission, special or mystical power, therefore she is great. Whether this is true or not, a true spiritual seeker should not chase after such things, it is easy to be cheated in this world. Remember, we cannot be greater than God and of course we are not God.

"A Master is one who has the key for you to become a help you realize that you are also a Master and that you and God are also One. That's all...that's the only role of the Master." - by Ching Hai

"A Master is one who has the key for you to become a help you realize that you are also a Servant of the Supreme God and that you and God are not the same. God is Master. We are the eternal servants of God. That's all...that's the only role of a True Master(God's representative)." - by site editor

"So, don't look at me. Don't tell me I'm good or bad. Don't criticize what I'm doing. Okay if I'm bad; but that's none of your business, because your business is to find out how great you are. If you ever doubt me, that I have the power to take you home or not - that you may have - but then find another master quickly before you die. It's none of my business whether you stay with me or not. If you believe me, you stay. If you don't, go find another master, similar one, better one or whatever you like; but do it quickly before you die without enlightenment."
- Spoken by Master Ching Hai at Group Meditation in Paris, France, 4/28/95

"Good or bad? it is my business to inform all other sincere spiritual seekers, and let them make their own decisions. I have not met a true saintly person before who are worried about others who made comment about him or her, unless this person is bogus. It is the business for a true spiritual master to preach the message of God to all, without discrimination."
- by site editor

Why Ching Hai can attract so much followers?
Because she told you there is no need to give up your own religion or faith. We are greedy, we want to have something new as well as keeping what we have. Later on, you will discover that Ching Hai claimed her method is the best after you joined. All other paths are no good or inferior. If you find contradiction in teachings and philosophy. Eventually you still have to drop one path, you cannot have both.

Why so many people come to Ching Hai's lectures?
This is not because of any special power from Ching Hai. Ching Hai did not deliver public lecture again in the same geographical location within a short period of time. Before a public lecture, the group spent lots of money or efforts on various media advertising. That's why it is not so difficult to invite many new people to attend her talk.



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