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Adi Shankara, Shankaracharya

How can any bogus philosophies such as mayavada and Buddhism be insulting to Krsna, when the people following them are only bewildered by subtle forms of maya?
How can someone be responsible for the way he behaves when he is sick?

Please try to understand if a child is touching fire it will act, even if the child is innocent or ignorant of the effect of touching the fire.

Similarly, if a person is interested in Buddhism or Mayavada philosophy, he will become affected to the extent that he will loose his respect for a personal God. He will gradually become an atheist.

Although the person was innocent in the beginning, still he got the bad effect. Therefore we do not condemn the person who is interested in these philosophies, but we condemn the philosophy itself because it has this bad effect on those who follow it.

You may say that the person is sick and does not know what is good and bad. This is correct and that is why we do not condemn the person. But we want to protect and warn him from getting more diseased.

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