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How to Become a Vegetarian
Everything you need to know about how to become vegetarian, like what to eat and not eat, how to quit eating meat, how to make sure you get all the right nutrition, how to work out your menu, how to work out what type of vegetarian you would like to be.

Vegetarian Light Cooking
Features 133 lower fat, nutritious recipes that are also delicious. Whether you are trying to lower cholesterol or blood pressure, lose weight, feel and look better, or stay well, this cookbook has something for you.

Quick Easy Chinese Vegetarian Cooking
Easy, healthy, and delicious chinese vegetarian cookbook package. Complete chinese vegetarian guide with 400 pages.

Vegetarian Formula e-Book. How To Become A Vegetarian.
You need a proven step-by-step plan. For the first time they present a 15 year old plan that has been changing lives of many people. They call it The Vegetarian Formula.

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