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Organic Food Green Living Hong Kong facebook group

Hong Kong Health Food

Organic Vegetables Sales Location

Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre 75
Certified Organic Farms List 81

Fresh Organic Produce Delivery Service

The HKFYG Organic Farm 62
Tel : 28384808.
Order Veges & Volunteer Opp.

Organic Tofu


Hong Kong Organic Farmers Association

Homegrown Foods 72

Chungfai Organic Livelihood - Buy Online 81

Produce Green Foundation - Organic Farm 71

Tai Tong Shan Shui Organic Farm, Yuen Long.
To order vegetables, call Mr. Yuen Kwong-fai on 92271462.

Healthy Organic Farm
Tel : 90165763
Shatin Market S14

Organic Farm Blog

The Consumers' Communal Network - Catholic Pastoral Center

Organics Produce Express 2698 4866

Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden 71

Chaoda 73
China Resources Buildling, 26 Harbour Road, Wanchai Hong Kong. 61 Tel : 2845 0168

Vegetable Marketing Organisation 64

The Federation of Vegetable Marketing Co-operative Socieity Ltd

Hong Kong Garden Farm
Sai Kung 69

The Organic Farm
Ho Pui Tsuen, Kam Tin Pat Heung, Yuen Long 71

Organic vegetables Tel: 2483-1400

Lemon Farmer 81

Organic Gardens International Ltd. 72

Sarinah Foods Company Ltd. Hong Kong
Sarinah Organic Farms - Class A Chinese Standard for Green Foods Production.

Chung Heng Organic Shop

The New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association Agricultural Farm
New Life Healthy Living Specialty Shop. Shop 20-21, Tai Wai Train Station, Shatin 2698 9555

Bon Vivant Organics Hong Kong Online Organic Food Market 82

Au Law Organic Farm

Happy Organic Farm
Shui Lau Tin Village, Pat Heung, Yuen Long Lot 630

Kam Tin Farm - Organic Vegetables

Sing Tai Lung
Organic Rice Beans Mushrooms

Oasis Organic Farm
They sell wheatgrasses too.
Tel : 92080893 Tuen Mun

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Healthy Delight Shop

Beijing Organic Farm Development Co., Ltd 74

China Organic Living 65



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