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The Aryan Invasion Theory: The Final Nail in its Coffin
[Kindle Edition] Stephen Knapp (Author) 11/27/2012
The Theory that the Vedic Aryans were a tribe from the north that invaded the area of India and established the Vedic civilization is rapidly falling into discredit, but it still exists in many school text books and carries some influence in certain areas. This book puts together the information that shows:
• How and why Max Muller started the theory,
• The damage it has done,
• Objections to it and lack of evidence for it,
• The misleading dates for it,
• The Sarasvati River described in the Rig Veda and geographical proof of its existence,
• The date of its demise,
• The false argument of no horse in Harappa,
• The Urban or rural argument,
• Deciphering the Indus seals,
• How genetics show an east to west movement rather than a migration into India, and more.
All of this proves there never was any Aryan Invasion, and that the advanced Vedic Aryan civilization was indigenous to India. (Taken from a chapter in "Advancements of Ancient India's Vedic Culture")

Stephen Knapp has studied the major Vedic texts of India and practiced yoga and the Eastern teachings for 40 years. He has traveled throughout India and has a collection of over 17,000 slides and images of the many holy places and temples he has visited. He has authored over twenty well-received books on Vedic culture and Eastern spirituality. He also regularly gives lectures at various venues both in America and in India. He is also the president of the Vedic Friends Association.

Myth of the Aryan Invasion of India
Paperback by David Frawley (Author) 6/01/2005


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